Hold my Hand

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 57; the fifty-seventh edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​Madhu Vajpayee, the author of Seeking Redemption and Shades Publications, the publisher of Friendship- Bonds Beyond Time.

man and woman walking silhoutte

"Hold my hand", she stretched her arms to him. He looked at her in awe. She looked fairer, more radiant and even more beautiful than the last time he had seen her eight months back. That was when she left him and was back today, for him, to him. He stood transfixed, lost.

"Hold my hand", She insisted again. Still in trans, he held her hand. It felt a little cold against his palms. He was too lost to notice any further.

"You came back to me." He exclaimed in a happy sigh. "I knew you would."

"I had to. I had been in love with you for so long. It wasn't easy to let go."

"Then why did you leave me in the first place."

"I had no other option."

He wasn't bothered anymore about the past. He was just ecstatic that she was back in his life. He kept walking, hand in hands with her.

"Where are we going?" He chided with a childlike enthusiasm.

She looked at him lovingly and said, "to some place where we can be together forever."

That was all he ever wanted. He suddenly felt severe pain, as if he was hit by a huge vehicle. He fell down doubled in pain. Everything went blank. A few minutes later he felt relieved. The pain was gone. He opened her eyes and saw her standing at a distance, still smiling. He was relieved he wasn't dreaming about her.

"Hold my hand." She extended her arms again to him. He got up, feeling much lighter and held her hand.

"We will be together forever now." She smiled at him

What he didn't see was the crowd that gathered behind him looking at his body lying in the pool of blood and a truck standing at the distance opposite to them.

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